Sunday, October 10, 2010

week 7 - Reflection

The simulation that we did on Thursday was new and unique experience. I was surprised that even though it probably had been new and strange for them, my classmates were well-prepared and had a lot to say about their stands. I learned a lot from their presentations and found it very interesting to listen to all the different view from different interest groups on the very same topic. To be honest, I got convinced every time when different groups presented their views and reasons. I don't know how the 'big guy,' who actually makes decision, in this case the President, can look at the issue unbiasedly and take in all the information from groups with different interests and come up with the best decision for everyone's good.
One thing I was really surprised about was that the Consumer group actually went for keeping the taxes. I thought they would want to abolish it because it will let more foreign auto maker companies to import their cars to the U.S. for cheaper price so there will be more selections for them to choose from. However, they rather focused on creating jobs for Americans, protectivism and patriotism. They wanted more jobs for Americans, and protect their economy.
Something that I wasn't sure about was one of the Foreign Automakers points why we should abolish domestic content rules. Foreign Automakers aruged that abolishing domestic content rules will bring in a lot of foreign autoplants to the U.S. However, I find it rather contradictory. If we abolish the rules and they don't get taxed on stuff they import, they have to reason to build their plants here and buy parts that mare made in USA while there are cheaper labor and cheapor supplier are available overseas. Domestic Content Rules actually attract foreign companies to build their cars here in the U.S. which will bring in a lot of jobs for Americans. They will earn money then, spend them, and the economy will be stimulated.
I also learned lessons on presentation. It should be clear and to-the-point, and most importantly, TIME MATTERS. Our group failed to even get to the mainpoint because of the time management. I also learned to try different media to present what I am presenting, to interest my audience better.
Overall, it was a memorable experience and had a lot to learn from.

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