Sunday, October 31, 2010

(in)Sanity and Security

This week was the epitome of insanity. Like an unstable chemical compound, Aubrey and I thought we were going to implode. From the improbable text messages from a world leader to a man in a peculiar green costume on the metro on a Friday evening, nothing was sane. The true irony is that this week in World Politics we discussed security and threats and what does security really mea. I remember writing a blog that the environment is the next most important concern other than terrorism. But after the rally and after the past couple events, INSANITY IS THE NEXT BIG THREAT. Haha I cant believe I just said it like that. My wording was is the antithesis of that statement. When John Stuart said that the media is a powerful tool but we are making EVERYTHING important so the big stories are tucked into those about strange chemicals in bottled water, I think he was so right. We often get confused and sucked into the trivialities of some matters. Or as Mill says, we make a threat bigger than it truly is. If we look at this from a realist point of view, its not too bad of a thing because it controls people. Fear controls people as Machiavelli says. And if they are afraid or thinking about one triviality, the bigger picture is fogged by other things. I think as a nation, no. I think more as a people, we need to be smart about what we hear. And especially how we phrase things. The way we use words is what brings us together. This has now become my mantra but "words are the currency in our business" and I think we need to live by it so that we can come together and prosper. 

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  1. Great post, I think some of your post regarding creating threats correlates with my substantive post on my blog.

    Check it out if you got time.