Monday, September 20, 2010

Week 4 - Reflection

This week's discussion was very interesting for me. We discussed whether or not the U.S. should force democracy on other countries or not. I noticed that a lot of people think that the states should be let develop democracy on their own and go through the slow transition to and self-realization of democratic system. However, I personally think that it is right for the U.S. as a super power amongst nations to take the responsibility and actively promote democracy as it is believed to be the 'best' of what we've got. If legitmate use of force is necessary, I believe, that can be done also .
Imperialism is not believed as the greatest form of world politics any more, but I think because it existed, democracy was able to be promoted and infiltrated into many countries. During imperialistic period, the U.S. and the major world powers of that time went around the globe and basically colonize a lot of places and had them open their doors even with some violence or military force if needed. It is a different context and setting nowadays, but still at best so far.
Even just looking at the example of South and North Korea and how they turned out, the necessary enforcement can be justified and used to promote democracy. If south Korean government did not get any guidance or help or etc., I can't imagine what might have happened. Sometimes it is hard to realize what is good and bad for you, so in that case, you would need someone to tell you what it is or even to enforce it.

There should be a self-set limit on interference, but as long as one doesn't cross the line, the act of enforcement can be justified.


  1. Seongji,

    That's really interesting! What an interesting perspective on the issue. I never thought of "forcing" democracy in the sort of... parenting way that you are portraying it. Very cool.

  2. Yeah I guess that is a 'privilege' of coming from a different country I guess. I see a lot of things differently from typical Americans will see as. Especially when it comes to democracy, civilization, and imperialism.