Monday, September 27, 2010

An Extraterrestrial Visit!

If the UN were to sit naively back and assume that there is no need for preparation for an extraterrestrial visit, then we are in deep trouble. Yes, the media has created a Hollywood image of an “alien:” tall and scaly with oblong shaped eyes and a sphere head. Furthermore, we never take them seriously or expect the ‘human’ to destroy them. Yet, it is paramount that we escape this mindset and realize that there are other beings out in other universes other than humans. It is not completely impossible that a visit from them will happen, and thus we should be prepared. The article, “United Nations to Appoint Alien Ambassador?” raises some ideas of what might happen if we were to come in contact with other species than ourselves. To begin with, Mazlan Othman, a Malaysian astrophysicist, will become the link between the head alien communicator and the UN (or really, planet Earth). To bring to light our class discussion last Thursday, we will have a solution as to who should be the first person the head alien should contact. If we were not to appoint someone, then there would be immediate chaos as to what should be done. Questions of whether or not to blockade off the city will be pre-decided and considering that it is the United Nations, the world would know if a situation like this should occur. For example, a spaceship lands and there is confusion as to if we should hide and protect the president or have him prepared to speak as the planet Earth representative. With an ambassador, that problem is already solved.

The mere act of anointing someone to this position shows that we are not ignorant to other “international relations.” Even if, “they might not be the friendly cosmic neighbors that we have been looking for,” we at least recognize they do exist. And who’s to say that that might prevent an attack because these creatures see we are trying to understand them? Another benefit is that this paves the road for the future. Future generations will look back and see what steps we have taken to provide communication between numerous universes. The UN can’t help but only build upon it as technology and contact increases.

Thus, it may seem rudimentary from a surface level to support a UN official to research an event that might never take place. Yet, despite this, the fact that we are going through with it carries a greater weight. It’s like preparing for a test that might not happen: it’s better to be safe, than sorry.

(As a side note, I would like to point out that our planet Earth representative is not a Caucasian, northerner, Christian male but a Southeast Asian woman.)

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  1. Elana,
    I thoroughly enjoyed your side note. I wonder how having a Southeast Asian woman as the first state representative for the human race would affect our first impressions on the extraterrestrials?