Sunday, August 29, 2010

Reflection #1

Last Thursday set my standards for this course quite high. I was fully impressed with the way our debate turned out and the means in which my fellow classmates responded to each others comments. In high school, I took a course that had mandatory debates in which the students separated into teams and we “competed” against one another. Invariably, they failed and ever since then I have been very wary when a heated conversation of sorts is scheduled for a class. To my surprise, yesterday was nothing like these infamous debating sessions. Not only was it organized, it was respectful and thought stimulating. I began to really realize just how different all of us are: in our political views, our religious views, our nationalities…etc. We were all our own separate “team” and all held quite firmly to our individual precepts. This in turn made the argument more personal and sincere.

Typically, I am not one who is capable of diving headlong into a foreign situation without feeling a bit uneasy. Yesterday was no exception. I felt that I was a bit hesitant to convey my interpretations of the text in front of a group of people I am not one hundred percent familiar with. I know that my comfort will grow over time as will my input in these discussions. It was a very comfortable environment and I enjoyed it greatly.

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