Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The Biggest Homework for the World

As I stepped into the realm of World Politics, I was asked what the most important issue in World Politics is. Even a novice like me knows that the world of World Politics is boundless and comprehensive and has numerous things to focus on. The world has the issues of education, poverty, economy and what not on its hand, but the tension between nations which interfere in establishing world peace is the one which needs to be taken care of, requiring collaboration of the whole globe.

The ideological and military tension amongst nations has always been the unsolvable issue that comes up constantly. From the eyes of a person from the Korean Peninsula, who grew up in the middle of such tension, Korean Peninsula conflict is the example of one of the most important and urgent problems to solve. Growing up, I had to get used to occasional armed fight or threat, learning about starving fellow koreans in the North, and feeling of insecurity and precariousness. It creates a tension and insecurity not only to the Korean peninsula, but also to the neighboring countries, their alliances, and even the whole world. The issues tied to this matter are serious - nuclear proliferation, ideological conflict, poverty, economy, human rights and etc.

The tension between these two small countries has, by no means, small impact on the world of World Politics. Various small and big military or ideological clashes between nations will result in a massive dilemma for the world. It is urgent to find a way to loosen these tensions in order to provide world peace and more and more people to have freedom and the right to pursue happiness as human beings.

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  1. This global conflict in the Korean Peninsula is escalating daily and is by far one of the leading conflicts in World Politics today. In my readings on the conflict between North and South Korea the history itself is astonishing. From my readings alone it is so hard to imagine what sj Kim must feel as she has related and experienced those conflicts first hand.

    I would like to add that since the division how South Korea has developed into one of Asia's most improved and successful countries. Whereas just as sj Kim stated just knowing about the poverty and despair in North Korea is troubling.

    In relationships such as this I feel the two countries will need to call on a higher power whatever that may be in order to help settle disputes and to make peace as the problem has increased dramatically it would be difficult to accomplish alone. Nonetheless, the desire for conflict resolution can only be obtained if both parties consent for assistance and improvement.