Monday, December 6, 2010

Final Reflection

World Politics: a subject that holds no inclination towards finality, a fact that made SIS-105 the most energetic and rewarding class of the semester and arguable of my academic career. To be fair, I was excited for this class when disembarking the airplane at Reagan National, however for very different, almost dichotomous, reasons. I entered class on the first day expecting to experience a course dedicated to analyzing and exploring current events and recent history for the ultimate goal of forming conclusions about the current world political system. Neither English nor French can express how inspiring or exciting it was to be wrong!

Never could I have predicted my participation in a forum that lends itself so well to intellectual and respectful debate, as well as thought provoking and engaging discussions. Although Professor Jackson deserves a significant amount of credit for creating the environment that has produced such piquant discourse, I also owe considerable thanks to my peers. From Christian's intensely realist mind, to Priyanka's culturally sensitive heart, to Aubrey's astutely perspicuous observations, to Tom's refreshingly rational arguments, I found myself savoring the captivating rhetoric, controversial moments, and intellectually riveting discussions that made up SIS-105. Although the course has concluded, the subject and my passion for it has not, and I hope that our intellectually stimulating discussions continue to exist outside of the classroom as we all attempt to develop more than a surface understanding of the realm of world politics.

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